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An Eagle Plume Detective Novel

The Series Premise: 

A Cheyenne shapeshifter and his brother, a spirit caller, fight crime in unusual ways.

Case Description: 


A ritual killing in Vancouver gets Ben Eagle Plume and his brother Ezekiel Storm on the case. Things heat up when Zeke is singled out by the local white supremacy group and then finds himself the next target of a bloody Incan cult. Could things get worse?  When Zeke suddenly ends up missing, Ben must use his unusual gifts to find his brother before it's too late.

Blood Totems was originally called Homo Necans. Title change was after the trailer was done.

Wrath of Angels

Four men are mistaken for angels after a nuclear holocaust and are forced to save a town from becoming ground zero to a new evil Empire.


Lloyd and Carlos have wandered the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, for almost six years. They've so far managed to survive thieves, gangs, cannibals and even themselves. Lloyd, a dark and troubled personality, is kept just this side of sanity by his Cuban companion and psychologist, Carlos, who has some issues of his own to deal with...not the least of which is his direct involvement in the murder of Lloyd's family. When Lloyd is seriously injured in a fight with desert bandits, Carlos seeks medical attention for him in a nearby city where they meet an old and deadly enemy. Brought back from the brink of death, Lloyd's already inherent paranormal abilities jump to a higher level and get noticed by the religious zealots camping nearby. To them, he is their prophecy fulfilled, a mighty warrior angel come to aid them in their war against evil. Separated by a series of uncontrolled events, Lloyd and Carlos, along with two new friends, are forced into the roles of reluctant saviors and discover an unlikely destiny they were all meant to share.


Wrath of Angels original book trailer

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